Scent List

Signature Scents:

Balsam & Cedar - The perfect scent for curling up on the couch for a cozy and quiet winter evening by the fire. Balsam & Cedar is a mild but strong mix of bright citrus, woody cedar and amber, with fresh amber, balsam, moss and Fraser fir.

Beach Bum - The tantalizing base note is a medley of granny smith apples and honeydew melon; middle notes of strawberries and pears, with a hint of spice.

Bergamot & Lemongrass - A bright and natural scent that begins with a top note of Valencia orange, lemongrass, bergamot tea and plum wine. The heart combines jasmine, violet, lavender and orange flowers finishing up with a clean citrus musk.

Dragon's Blood - With an alluring combination of earthy patchouli, sweet orange, and freshly cut cedarwood. Dragon’s Blood is a strong and earthy scent reminiscent of the classic incense.

Eucalyptus & Mint - An invigorating herbal blend of eucalyptus and spearmint with fresh lemon, lavender flowers, and a hint of sage.

Lavender & Sage - An invigorating yet calming blend of freshly cut French lavender and soothing clary sage.

Leather & Tobacco - A masculine masterpiece that is extremely bold and complex. Starts with a top note of leather, tobacco, amber and musk leading into a spicy mixture of black tea and pepper. Finishes with a base note of aged teakwood and tones of patchouli and sandalwood. Incredibly intoxicating.

Nag Champa - An incredibly strong scent with woody notes similar to patchouli, combined with touches of powder, musk, amber and vanilla.

Oakmoss & Amber - With a very masculine appeal, this rich woody musk has an enchanting fusion of sage, orange and amber, making it a favorite of the ladies too.

Orange & Chili - An incredibly complex mix of citrus combined with crushed peppercorn, spicy chili pepper, and cayenne.

Sandalwood - (Indian Sandalwood) An intriguingly, warm, sweet, rich and woodsy sandalwood.

Sugared Citrus - A sugary sweet mix of orange, lemon and lime with a touch of juicy raspberry and delicate jasmine flower.

Tobacco & Bourbon - Raw tobacco leaves and sweet whiskey. A truly warm and cozy masculine scent that is also a favorite of the ladies.

Vanilla & Bourbon - An intoxicating fragrance of dark and sultry bourbon with rich and creamy barrel aged Tahitian vanilla.

Vanilla Voodoo - Alluring and intriguing vanilla with a touch of musk.

Yuzu - Yuzu (aka Japanese grapefruit) is not your average citrus scent. It smells like a cross between refreshing lemon and zesty lime blended with the aromatic tang of a ruby red grapefruit. We also included bittersweet bergamot and spearmint essential oils to add depth to this bright and uplifting fragrance.

Seasonal Scents

Apples & Cinnamon - The true aroma of hot apple cider with hints of cinnamon, clove and a touch of warm woody oak.

Balsam & Cinnamon - A cozy and warm blend of balsam, cranberries with freshly crushed cinnamon bark and hints of orange zests.

Brewed Jasmine - A steamy cup of China's best herbal tea with powerful notes of delicate jasmine flowers.

Cappuccino - Dark, roasted espresso with cream and a hint of chocolate. Yum!

Coconut & Pineapple - A light and sweet blend of fresh coconut and sliced pineapple.

Fire & Fir - This fragrance is a masculine arrangement that begins with top notes of herbaceous pine, balsam and bergamot; leading to middle notes of white flowers and earthy sandalwood; sitting on base notes of woody patchouli and violet. Fire & Fir is reminiscent of a roaring, winter campfire.

Ginger & Lime - A bright and zesty lemon-lime blend combined with the warm and comforting notes of candied ginger for a refreshingly clean combination.

Pineapple & Jasmine - Juicy top notes of ripened pineapples, pears and apples; middle notes of ferns and clover, and base notes of jasmine and rose petals. A very unique and complex scent!

PNW Pine - The invigorating scent of freshly cut pine, balsam and cedar.

Pumpkin Chai - Creamy vanilla combined with fresh pumpkin and spicy notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.

Pumpkin Cold Brew - That feeling you get after walking into a coffee shop on the first day of fall.

Silver Birch - Reminiscent of taking a walk through the woods on a brisk winter day. Silver Birch begins top notes of bright citrus; middle notes of geranium, lily, and rose; and base notes of earthy patchouli, intoxicating tonka beans and grounding vetiver.

Sugar Cookie -  A smooth blend of warm vanilla and honey, culminating in a rich and velvety buttery finish with a touch of spice and nothing but old fashioned goodness.

Sugar Shack - Crisp apples and tangy oranges perfectly complement the sweet aroma of charcoal and crushed leaves. Middle notes of majestic pine, rich leather, and damp moss mingle with a warm base note of cedar, smoked maplewood and caramelized bourbon.

Sugar & Smoke - A sensory journey of smoked sweetness. Creamy top notes of vanilla, butter and honey with a pinch of cinnamon dance on the middle notes of smoked pine and balsam. Vibrant bergamot and violets round out the base notes of soft sandalwood and rich patchouli.